Turn your home into a professional salon with a state-of-the-art colored hair care and treatment product line trusted by hair salon professionals. Lorvenn’s Salon Exclusive line is a unique, specialised leave-in treatment for colored hair, trusted and used daily by professionals in their salons. The hair treatment products restore and rejuvenate hair fibers, protect colored hair against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and add extra strength, elasticity and volume. Thanks to Lorvenn’s Salon Exclusive your colored hair feels stronger and healthier.

Natural Hydrolysed Keratin

Natural ingredient whose amino acid composition is very similar to keratin found in hair

The low molecular weight facilitates deep hair penetration

Offers great protection and stability to colored hair

Strengthens hair and protects it from dehydration

Hair feels smoother, silkier and more manageable



Natural protein fiber for gorgeous and healthy hair

Rehydrates dry hair from within, adding moisture, shine and vitality

Reaches through the hair shaft to repair and renew any lost strength

Forms a natural protective sheath around the outer layer of the hair

Soothes scalp irritations

Monoi de Tahiti Oil

Natural ingredient rich in omega fatty acids 3-9 and linoleic acid for increased hair strength and elasticity

A Polynesian beauty secret for centuries, it is made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil

Monoi stands for "scented oil" in Tahitian

Soothes and hydrates hair

Hair looks thicker and fuller over time

Restores the health of damaged or weakened hair

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